From lobster pot

to table top.

Ask for Yorkshire Lobster in your local restaurants.

Fresh, Sustainable, Affordable

For far too long lobster has been viewed as a costly and extravagant meal to have at the dinner table. This is because the fishing industry has many links to its chain, which in turn means more people to pay for the pleasure of fresh lobster.

The result is that you, the customer, end up paying more and we, the fisherman, end up earning less. But this is all about to change thanks to a new initiative by The Yorkshire Lobster Company.

The answer is simple – we’re reducing the number of links in the chain and going straight from the pot to the table top. This means better prices the customer, and a better living for us, the fisherman. Now that is a fresh way to look at lobster!

From lobster pot to table top

Spotlight on The Yorkshire Lobster Company

From Episode 2 (Series 2) of ‘Back To The Land with Kate Humble’, Kate gets on board with ex-submariner Bob, who upon retirement bought a boat and set about catching lobsters off the beautiful Yorkshire coastline, with a passion to sell the bountiful local catch and sway the public from buying imported lobster.

Credits: BBC –

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“Since opening our restaurant in 2016 we have used local lobsters at Yorkshire Lobster company due to availability and quality they produce. At Clark’s Restaurant we are passionate about using the best of ingredients on our doorstep and what better than having a restaurant in Scarborough selling Scarborough lobsters. The best freshest produce directly to our customers.”

Chef | Owner – Rob Clark – Clark’s Restaurant Scarborough


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