10 Fun Lobster Facts For Kids

  1. Baby lobsters swim at the water surfaces for initial 25 days.

  2. Young lobsters shed their hard shells about ten times in the initial year while growing.

  3. Lobsters do not have brains as their nervous system is very primitive.

  4. A lobster’s blood is gray or clear in color.

  5. Its heart is placed just behind the stomach.

  6. Lobsters use one of their ten pairs of legs to catch their food. The legs also have taste sensors!

  7. Female lobsters lay as many as 12,000 eggs and take nine to ten months to hatch.

  8. The man is the biggest predator of the American lobster, followed by ground fish such as flounder and cod, sculpins, eels, rock gunnels, crabs, and seals.

  9. Lobsters can swim forward and backward.

  10. The US harvests around $300 million worth lobsters every year.

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