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Yorkshire Lobster – Widely Recognised For Quality & Freshness

Morning Fresh Lobster

Our approach of delivering direct and cutting out the middleman not only means better prices for you and fairer earnings for the fisherman. It also reduces the time that it takes for each lobster to reach the plate.

The Yorkshire Lobster Company can deliver directly around the Yorkshire region, minimising the time between the boat and the plate. Fresh, fresh, fresh!

We deliver in our own chilled van, where the lobsters are kept in a controlled environment with carefully monitored temperatures that are ideal for the lobsters, keeping them calm and avoiding any discomfort.

Proudly Marked - The Yorkshire Lobster

We’re proud of our lobsters, we’re proud of our service and we’re proud of our origins. The Yorkshire Lobster Company brand is becoming more and more recognised and found in only the finest restaurants and hotels.

Wherever you see the Yorkshire Lobster logo, you can be assured that all lobsters served will be Gold Standard, well cared for and sustainably caught.


Telephone: 01723 360861
Mobile: 07774 719379
Email: info@yorkshirelobster.co.uk

Trading Address:
The Yorkshire Lobster Company Ltd
West Pier, Scarborough
North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

EC Number - UK YK 020 EC