The Catch

Famous For Freshness,
Famous For Flavour

Yorkshire Lobster is fast becoming a recognised item on many top menus and saught after by food lovers throughout Yorkshire and beyond. Locals appreciate it regularly; visitors to the area seek to taste it’s famous flavours when dining out.

Common lobster recipes include Lobster Newberg and Lobster Thermidor. However, lobster is used in soup, bisque, lobster rolls, and cappon magro to name a few.

Lobster meat may be dipped in butter, resulting in a heightened flavour. Yorkshire Lobster is delicious naturally.

The ethos behind Yorkshire Lobster Company and its brand is to provide the highest quality, responsibly caught lobster.  The lobster is caught using centuries old sustainable fishing methods in UK waters off the Yorkshire coast by professional fishermen all operating from the ancient and historic port of Scarborough on the Yorkshire coastline.

Our lobsters all caught by local full time fishermen who take a great pride by ensuring the daily catch remains in its optimum condition until such time it reaches port where its placed in the hands of the Yorkshire Lobster Company who continue to strive with the process of ensuring that the lobster remains in peak condition until it arrives with the restaurant of your choice.

A Culinary Favourite

Served in many of the top restaurants, hotels and gastro-pubs in the region, Yorkshire Lobster is a top choice for many local Chef’s. Renowned for it’s freshness and high quality, it requires little effort to serve as a delicious dish.

Yorkshire Lobster is known much further afield than the it’s home town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Much like  Whitby and Scampi, Bakewell and Tart, Lancashire and Hotpot and of course Yorkshire and Pudding, Yorkshire and Lobster are also two words that mean one, widely recognised and highly respected food.

Chef’s know that lobsters should be handled with care and kept in a carefully monitored environment to avoid any unecessary harm to the them. Both chefs and diners want to be assured that all lobsters are caught from a sustainable environment and respected through their journey to the dining room.

The Yorkshire Lobster Company has very strong company values at it’s core,  ensuring that each and every lobster is in good health, of a mature age and in no discomfort at any stage.


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The Yorkshire Lobster Company Ltd
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North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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